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Pet Behavior Counseling 

Treating common behavioral problems

When your pet begins to exhibit behavioral issues, it can be a sign of an underlying health problem. If your dog or cat is having problems with destructive behavior, aggression, or something else, you should schedule a veterinary exam right away.

Behavior signs that may indicate health issues:

  • Destructive behavior
  • Aggression
  • Fear
  • Overeating and ravenous behavior
  • Undereating
  • Inappropriate urination
  • Using the bathroom out of the litter box
  • Excessively chewing, licking, or grooming can be indicative of parasite infection or a skin condition

Your ZippiVet veterinarian will perform a full head-to-tail checkup to look for any symptoms of disease or injury that may be contributing to your pet’s behavioral problems. If your pet’s problems are not related to health issues, we can refer you to expert animal behaviorists and trainers.

Call us at (512) 643-4025 or request an appointment online to discuss your pet's behavior needs.

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