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Pet Allergy & Dermatology

Treating skin sensitivity in pets

Skin, hair, ear, and nail problems are common in dogs and cats and can be caused by allergies, fungal infections, skin parasites such as fleas and mites, or even autoimmune diseases. These issues can be particularly difficult to treat.

If you notice your pet scratching or licking excessively, or if they develop bare patches, scabs, redness, excessive shedding, sneezing, snoring, inflammation, or lumps, it’s important to contact a veterinarian.

Some skin conditions may require diagnostic testing. Your ZippiVet veterinarian can evaluate your pet’s skin and provide a diagnostic and treatment plan based on your pet’s specific condition.

Dermatology and allergies:

ZippiVet knows that pet allergies can be a frustrating part of pet parenting. During the spring and summer months, veterinarians often see a rise in pet allergies in both cats and dogs. The most common signs of an allergic pet include irritation of the paws, abdomen, muzzle, lips, and ears, wheezing and asthma, or watery eyes. These areas on the skin can turn red, itchy, and may even become infected.

Common pet allergens include:

  • Fleas
  • Dust
  • Pollen (grass, trees, plants)
  • Food
  • Smoke
  • Household chemicals
  • Mold
  • Mites
  • Scented sprays, air fresheners, essential oil diffusers

For additional questions or for your pet's next dermatology appointment, contact our team online or by calling (512) 643-4025.

Pet Skin Allergies: scabs

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